4 Ways To Drink More Water Daily

Hi guys, hope you’re all well.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with water. I understand how important it is to drink water, and I actually do like the nothingness taste of it, especially when it’s really ice cold. But I just find it so boring and because of this, it feels like a chore rather than something that comes naturally to me, like drinking… Ribena.

Anyways, I’ll spare you the overplayed “health benefits” of drinking water [but if you’re interested to learn about what you should be drinking, you can read about it here]. Instead, I’ll just tell you how my perspective on inward health has changed recently. Ultimately, it’s nice to look good on the outside but that is pretty futile if you’re not taking care of yourself from the inside first. The Bible says: our bodies are temples! (1 Cor. 6:19-20)

This was a hard pill for me to swallow but neglecting your health, especially intentionally, can definitely be considered a sin. We are created in God’s image (Gen. 1:27) and should therefore use our bodies to honour Him.

So supposedly we should drink between 2-3 litres of water a day. Personally, this whole water thing is a work in progress for me but hopefully with small steps it’ll become like second nature.

Here are the 4 ways I like to drink water:

  1. Fruit infused water – This one is my personal favourite because it’s so easy to do and it genuinely tastes nice. My favourite fruits to infuse my water with are strawberries and watermelon for taste, but you use any fruit/s you like. I like to refrigerate the fruit infused water overnight.
  2. Get yourself a jazzy water bottle/glass – I don’t know about you but I enjoy aesthetic things. When something looks nice, naturally I find it more appealing. Same thing goes for drinking water to me – rather than just using a typical cup, I like to use a designated water bottle or glass. This acts as a reminder for me to drink water and is (kinda) visually appealing at the same time. Win-win. 
  3. Compromise – I’m trying to drink water with every meal which is easier said than done. If you’re going to have a drink that isn’t water with your meal, only have it on the condition that you drink water as well. Then you’re getting a bit of what you want and a bit of what you need.
  4. I been drinking… Watermelon – I read recently that we can “eat” water. Lots of fruits and vegetables are high in water content e.g. cucumber, lettuce, strawberries, grapes, cherries, WATERmelon, celery, spinach etc. So find something you like and make it your go-to snack. 


Do you guys drink 2-3 litres of water a day? Or are you a “work in progress” like me lol. Let me know in the comments below. And then go and drink some water.


God bless you!



12 thoughts on “4 Ways To Drink More Water Daily

  1. 😂😂 I’m definitely a work in progress.. I really love lemon (sometimes with cucumber) water.. Not only am I getting antioxidants by it’s just oh-so-refreshing😍. I haven’t tried strawberries yet – I’ll add that to my list. Watermelon on the other hand has been my best friend for tiiiime😍

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  2. Nice post. I agree the benefits of drinking water are endless. Some of the things I do. Have a glass of water as soon as I wake and last thing before I go to bed. Have a glass of water before every meal or snack (this also helps me with portion control!). I love hot drinks, so that’s a great way to drink more water. Just try not to have unhealthy hot drinks (like with sugar and stuff). Herbal teas are great. I have loads of black coffee.

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  3. Fab post Wunmi! I’ve always drank a lot of water, and find that keeping a big 750ml water bottle (it’s pink… that deffo helps haha!) on my desk at work encourages me to keep sipping throughout the day. I do find that if I slack on water for a few days, my skin massively breaks out, so that is motivation enough to keep drinking!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

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    1. Woo yesss Jodie – you are “water goals” haha. And I agree! For sure, I can definitely see a difference too when I’ve been slacking… My skin can be very unforgiving 😭

      Thank you for reading! Xx


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