Why Mamacita Missed the Mark


I think Ella’s post below completely hits the nail on the head.

Recently I was in a conversation about how unsatisfied I am with all of these international collaborations and the dilution of Nigerian authenticity that was clearly present in Wizkid’s older music (that we all love!?). That particular conversation was in relation to Wizkid’s song ft Trey Songz, Chris Brown and French Montana called “Shabba”.

I understand that afrobeats can’t appeal to everyone and in breaking international boundaries, the music will change, but I think they’re compromising on quality too much. I am massively underwhelmed by both Shabba and Mamacita and I think that it’s a real shame these artists keep missing huge opportunities to make musical history. Unfortunately, this is the type of sound that is marketable and sells more.. apparently.

Having said that, I am still really pleased with Wizkid’s international success; he definitely has a talent for making bangers.

Let me know what you guys think.

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Tinie Tempah ft WizKid – Mamacita 

I think it’s safe to say that Wiz Kid is the biggest afrobeats star out right now. A lot of global stars such as Drake and Chris Brown have recently reached out to the Nigerian hit-maker. I’m a big afrobeats fan, and I think WizKid is truly talented.

When I heard that he teamed up with Tinie Tempah for a track, I had mixed feelings from the onset. Tinie Tempah does well in the charts, but his music is bland at best. His squeaky voice and generic rhymes make it hard for me like to is music (Pass Out was a banger though). I did not really imagine WizKid and Tinie gelling well musically and I was proven right. WizKid’s hook is solid, but Tinie’s verses are predictable and weak.

Tinie and WizKid’s song is called Mamacita and is obviously Latin influenced from…

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