Monday Musings: 97 Days #ChristyleLove

Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well.

I need your attention for a minute.

Guess what? We’ve got 97 days to go until arguably the most anticipated day of the calendar year for the majority of society (aside from your birthday maybe). A day of rare family bonding, excessive eating and indulgence, an Eastenders hour-long special and the sharing of overpriced gifts.



I don’t know what you look forward to the most about Christmas but for me, it’s my Mum’s jollof rice. It’s legendary – ask about it! Perhaps you love the presents? Or the Boxing Day sales that follow… As you can see it’s easy to visualise Christmas as a time for self. We often make it all about our wants and desires, we treat ourselves and we buy into the dream of luxury living. Even beyond our means. But this year, as cliché as it sounds, I challenge you to remember the real reason for Christmas. No I don’t mean just give it a begrudging passing thought or a brief nod of appreciation. But I mean really embrace the significance of the existence of Jesus Christ, in a practical way through your actions.

Aside from meditating on and studying exactly who he is, why he came, why he died to atone for our sins and why he was subsequently resurrected… I thought about what else can I do differently this year. I concluded that personally, I could do more to embody the kind of love Christ shows us on a daily basis.

What kind of love, you ask? The type of love  which is not self-seeking or proud, but is kind and patient to name a few qualities (1 Corinthians 13). I mean just think about it for a moment. Jesus really died for you, and for me. The way I see it, this is the greatest display of love.

“But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.”‭‭ – Isaiah‬ ‭53:5‬

Wait. I’m not asking you to take a bullet for a stranger, hear me out. But as Christmas draws nearer and the year 2016 comes to a close, I challenge us all to use this 97 day build up for a completely selfless detox. And instead, carry out as many unmerited acts of love and kindness as possible. Surprise someone; give that annoying relative a call; do something charitable; volunteer your time; compliment a stranger; make people wonder why you’re so different to this hopeless world. You might feel like just a small fish in the big scheme of things, but through your actions, God can be glorified (Matthew 5:16).

Whether you’re a Christian or not, definitely get involved. If nothing else, continuously showing love during what can be such a hectic period of the year (and beyond) will strengthen your patience and resolve as a person.

Right, that’s me done. You’ve got 97 days to LOVE starting today. Go!

Don’t forget to keep me updated – I’ll be using the hashtags #LoveLikeChrist and #ChristyleLove for encouragement and inspiration across my social media (@wunms on everything).


God bless you!


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