Style: The Camel Culotte Co-Ord


BOOHOO Duster Coat | BOOHOO Co-Ord | BOOHOO Aviator Jacket | AMAZON Backpack | EBAY Chelsea Boots | AMAZON Bracelet (Similar) | TOPSHOP Hoop Earrings (Similar) 

[Photos by Jodine Williams |]

Culottes… that are camel-coloured… and a co-ord set? This cute set from BOOHOO just ticked all of my boxes, I had to have it. Culottes are so versatile, in my opinion anyone can wear them no matter your shape or size. The wide-leg of the trousers gives the illusion of longer legs, which is a win for small girls like me! The high/turtle neck top can be worn as a crop top, but I’ve pulled up the culottes slightly to sit as high-waisted trousers to suit my modest style. I opted to wear this outfit to church and then to a comedy show in the evening, so  you could definitely wear this piece for so many occasions, day or night. I added this BOOHOO duster coat over the top to complete the whole nude brown vibe. I love that the duster coat is super long but doesn’t touch the ground.

My khaki aviator jacket is also from BOOHOO. You’ll come to realise that I love BOOHOO for simple pieces like this. Their clothes are generally true to size in my experience and they’re so affordable too. The jacket has a soft fur collar and specks of brown on its main body to give it that “worn and weathered” look. It’s really cute but I must say – it isn’t very warm!

I chose to wear Chelsea boots on this day, but you could easily style this piece with trainers, flats or heels depending on how casual or dressy you want to look. I accessorised with hoop earrings, my Mum’s (well, it’s basically mine now tbh lol) gold clasp bracelet and my signature brown leather backpack. I wear this backpack absolutely everywhere and people always ask me where I got it from… I guess there’s just something vintage-looking about it but nope, it’s from AMAZON. I originally bought it for about a tenner back in summer 2015 but since then they’ve nearly tripled the price *sigh*. It’s still a great quality multipurpose backpack though – I highly recommend it and it also looks amazing in black (shop here). Shop more similar backpacks below:




The culotte co-ord is a wardrobe game changer, making it much easier to transition from a day-to-night look seamlessly. It’s probably still a bit too cold in the UK to wear these all the time, but spring/summer better get ready for me!

Shop similar culotte co-ords below:

culottes SMS

 Asos Premium Culotte Trouser Co-Ord • Asos • £16 

God bless you!


See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land. – Song of Songs 2:11-12

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32 thoughts on “Style: The Camel Culotte Co-Ord

    1. Same – I love Boohoo, most of my wardrobe is actually from there tbh. I love culottes too, they’re so comfortable I want to get more! Thanks for reading 🙂 x


    1. It’s probably my best bag investment ever. Can’t believe it’s still in such good condition after all these years and the many places I’ve dragged it to lol!


    1. Girl I feel you! 😅 everyone feels the same about Boohoo, Primark etc. but I think they’re all really stepping up their game. I’m shocked by the great quality I’m finding these days 🙂 – thanks for reading xx


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