This One Is For My Boyfriend

It’s my boyfriend Tomiwa‘s 26th birthday today! Our birthdays are around 3 weeks apart so this time of year is always very exciting for me. I’ll be turning 22 (coincidentally the same age Tomiwa was when we started dating) on April 3rd… I know you all can’t wait to shower me with gifts so there’s your gentle reminder 🙂 haha – just kidding.

You guys may not know, but Tomiwa reads every one of my blog posts and gives me feedback before I post them. All of them – yeah, including the makeup/fashion/things he has little to no interest in personally. Tomiwa is my biggest fan to be honest.

So if you don’t mind, today’s post is really just going to be me telling you a few of the things I appreciate about him. I’ll keep it brief! There’s also some “relationship advice” at the end that you might find useful…

  • I appreciate Tomiwa for always thinking about our future. I am someone who can get preoccupied or anxious about the present, so it is reassuring to know that where I sometimes fail to plan, he’s already several steps ahead. He’s such a forward thinker. 

  • Tomiwa is a self proclaimed genius – lol I know right, what sort of person would declare that they are a genius? Well… a person who is confident in theirself would! And that’s exactly what my boyfriend is. He knows who he is and I admire that. I appreciate the fact that he truly is so intelligent because he’s also willing to share his wisdom with me – he is my iron! “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17

  • Obviously there are a million more things that I could say about him, but I promised to keep this brief. So lastly and most of all, I appreciate the fact that Tomiwa understands the importance of keeping God at the centre of us both. Others have failed to take on this challenge with me or acted as a stumbling block… but I thank God for sending me a man that is actively aiming to become my husband. He is willing to work hard, willing to wait and willing to put God before himself in our relationship. Tomiwa has also been and continues to be a real catalyst to the strengthening of my own personal relationship with God.

I’m going to leave this here. But if there is one more gem I think is worth sharing with you guys, I strongly believe that when “choosing” who to date, you should draw near to someone who is chasing God before they are chasing you. As someone that loves the Lord will be more likely to love you properly and submit to their role as your future husband or wife. God is love! – “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” – 1 John 4:8

Happy Birthday Tomiwa! When we’re both old and grey, I’m going to dig this post out of the archives 😉 ~ Love always, Wunms

If you made it this far, sincerely, thanks for reading my innermost thoughts guys!

God bless you!


… Here are a few extended “birthday weekend” highlights! ⚽️🚦🏁



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