Create Your Own Lane: Lessons from Lizzie Loves’ Workshop

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For the past few months I’ve been working hard to extend my creativity beyond just the written content on my blog itself. Whilst I would say that I am a writer first and foremost, there is much more to me than just words. I’m also very visual – some of you may know that I am very active on Instagram for example. Since Christmas last year I’ve posted nearly every single day on there and I love it! I even gave in to the demands (and also the inevitable need) for me to start a YouTube channel.

In trying to diversify my content and social media platforms, I’m always looking for good blogger networking events to attend and learn from. A few weekends ago, I was at #BlogConLDN (a convention in London attended by over 400 bloggers). Last month I listened to fashion and lifestyle blogger Fisayo Longe’s webinar on The Secrets To Becoming A Successful Fulltime Blogger. And most recently I went to YouTuber Lizzie Loves’ Social Media Workshop.

I would say that Lizzie Loves’ workshop has had the most significant impact on me and my vision of my blogging journey. I briefly want to share with you guys a few bullet points on the key things I took away. Whether your passion/interest is blogging or not, these points are definitely transferable to many ventures in life and I hope it enlightens you like it did for me:

Lizzie Loves, YouTube Content Creator
  • Be your authentic self no matter what you are doing: The reality is that even if you pick a “USP” for your venture, someone else could just copy it. We can be inspired by similar things, so not much is actually unique anymore if you know what I mean. But who else can be you on this earth? Nobody. When you’re being true to yourself, that is entirely unique to you and will make you and your venture stand out immediately.
  • Have a plan and a purpose: It is so helpful to have a map of where you think you are going with your venture – even if you end up taking detours or rearranging things, it’s good to at least know roughly where you’re headed. Key things to ask yourself include why are you doing what you’re doing – is it to inspire, to make money, to “find yourself” or all three… or something else?
  • Do your research – but be smart about it! Unless you’re coming up with something completely brand new, which is rare, most industries are what we call “oversaturated”. But who cares? Firstly, don’t worry about how many competitors you have because there will always be room for you. But secondly, it is important that you study your competition. Study the people who went before you – analyse their wins and losses, think about why they did what they did and when they did it. Consider trends in behaviour and if you even get the opportunity – ask them firsthand! Sometimes it is great to learn from the mistakes and experiences of others before embarking on it yourself. *Caution: your study of others should be for educational reasons only, not to just copy everything and anything that they do. Refer back to bullet point 1! 


My friends and I at Lizzie Loves’ workshop – Left (Me), Centre (Abiola, 3kxngs), Right (The Han Aesthetic)

Ultimately what I am saying is that by doing all the above, you will be able to effectively create your own lane. Even if the track is already seemingly full of lanes with world class athletes positioned at the start line of each one… find yourself a space and fill it! There will always be room for you if you intentionally carve it out. You shouldn’t wait for someone to move out of their lane; you shouldn’t try and share someone else’s lane; you need to create your own.

With that being said, I sincerely pray that today can mark the start of something new and amazing for you! Or even just a change from the very limiting mindset that we often have of ourselves. I ask that God gives us all the wisdom and tools that we need to pursue what He wants us to do. Amen.

If any of you are working on any projects that you’d like me to see/share/support, please let me know in the comments down below or we can chat –

Check out my vlog of Lizzie Loves’ workshop below and subscribe to my channel if you like here:

God bless you!


If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. – James 1:5-6

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