Extravagant Desserts: Maxwell’s Oreo Cookie & Mars Freakshakes Review

Maybe you’re like me and saw the header picture with chocolate and ice cream oozing everywhere and your jaw dropped… but yes, this is a real dessert and yes, I ate it! Well – most of it lol. I just really needed to see what all the fuss is about, so now I know and I’ll let you know too. Today I’ll be reviewing the most extravagant dessert I’ve ever experienced, also known as the Freakshake.

A Freakshake is essentially an extra-thick milkshake stacked with ice cream and is topped with lots of sweet treats. This crazy dessert originates in Australia and is now available to order in a few spots in London including: Maxwell’s Bar & Grill, Byron Burger and Shake Shack – all located in Covent Garden.

My friend and I opted for Maxwell’s – I chose here because firstly, it’s literally a stone-throw away from Covent Garden Underground Station and secondly, there’s a lot of hype surrounding these particular Freakshakes. Apparently Maxwell’s was the first restaurant to bring the Freakshake to London? Anyways, onto the reviews…

I went for the Oreo Cookie Freakshake because the description sounded the most filling to me and if you know me, then you know that I love to get my money’s worth.

Vanilla ice-cream and Oreo thick shake topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, more Oreo biscuits finished with a homemade Oreo cookie sandwich.

I know right, the pictures are pretty overwhelming so let me break it down. You’re looking at one giant Oreo cookie sandwich topped with chocolate sauce sitting directly on top of a generous helping of whipped cream; two Oreos; hardened chocolate surrounding the rim and top of the shake; and finally, a mason jar full of Oreo milkshake. 

The consistency of the milkshake is thick but definitely easily drinkable and tastes delicious – think of the KFC Oreo Krushem but 1000 times richer. Altogether it was so filling that I can almost see why they’ve boldly priced this milkshake at £7.95 – it was like eating (drinking?) a whole meal! I actually finished all of the milkshake after about 2 hours of chatting and dilly-dallying. But I did have to stop eating the Oreo cookie sandwich as it was getting too sickly for me. The Oreo cookie sandwich is so big that it could definitely be a standalone dessert on its own. I also did scoop the whipped cream to one side, but that’s just a personal preference.

So overall I’d give the Oreo Cookie Freakshake at Maxwell’s a solid 4/5 for taste, price and general experience.

Next up is the Freakshake From Mars which my friend ordered. Pictured above, it contains a chocolate ice cream and caramel thick milkshake topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce as well as Mars and fudge bits inside.

Left: Oreo Cookie Freakshake, Right: Freakshake From Mars

My Friend’s Review

He scored the Freakshake From Mars a 3.5/5 for taste (and I can see why. I tasted a little and it was much thicker in consistency than the Oreo Cookie Freakshake, making it much more difficult to actually drink).  In my opinion the thickness also made it quite sickly and my friend agreed – he also added that the whipped cream was messy and a bit “too much”. For price and for general experience, he scored it a 4/5.

Just to mention – we were in Maxwell’s for over 2 hours and it is a very busy restaurant in a popular area in Central London. They didn’t rush us out or pester us to clear the table, it was thoroughly enjoyable and we were able to just eat and gist in peace.

The Aftermath!

A few extra things to bear in mind – this dessert is seriously so filling. If you’re going to order it and you want to really enjoy it to its full potential, don’t eat too much food before it. Honestly, we didn’t even order sides…

  • I came for the Freakshake, 
  • all I ordered was the Freakshake,
  • and I left extremely full!

It also comes with two straws so it’s a convenient dessert to share with someone else… or not lol.

Snapchat: Wunms

So now you know what the fuss is about – let me know if you decide to try out Maxwell’s Freakshakes or a variation of this dessert from somewhere else. Maybe next time I’ll try the Salted Caramel Donut Freakshake…

Let me know in the comments below, which flavour would you have gone for? 

And feel free to check out my previous food posts and reviews here.

God bless you!

I have not departed from your laws, for you yourself have taught me. How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! – Psalm 119:102-103

25 thoughts on “Extravagant Desserts: Maxwell’s Oreo Cookie & Mars Freakshakes Review

  1. Great review Wunmi, nice you can sit and chat there unhurried. I might try one after your recommendation, I’m dairy free so this may be a step too far, but can indulge as a one off I think

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