3 Myths & Misconceptions About Blogging

When I say “blogging” to you, what comes to mind? Is it marble backgrounds on perfect Instagram feeds, green plants and camel coats… or maybe it’s discount codes, freebies and travel opportunities? I mean, yes. Yes blogging can involve those things. But I promise you there’s a lot more to blogging than that!

Since joining this community, I have observed that a lot of people just don’t understand how much work goes into maintaining a blog (whether it’s written, visual or video-content). I am writing this post just to shed some light on my views on blogging and I will dispel 3 myths and misconceptions:

1. Blogging is easy/not a real job

I don’t know… maybe it’s because so many people have blogs that blogging appears to be easy. But I’d like to dispel that myth right now! Blogging is not easy. The sheer amount of blogs that exist in 2017 means that in order to run a “successful” blog, there’s a certain standard that a lot of bloggers feel compelled to reach. This involves reaching a high level in your content, quality and consistency.

Naturally, bloggers of all niches take on several different hats to create said “successful” blog. Bloggers are writers; bloggers are editors; bloggers are stylists and photographers; bloggers are social media experts; bloggers are marketers… and once you’ve monetised your blog and start making an income from it, bloggers are negotiators and accountants! You catch my drift. So much goes into every single blog post and the blogging community has expanded so much in the last 5 years that many people are able to blog as their full-time career. For many, blogging is a real job, with a real salary, that requires real taxes.

2. There’s no room for any more bloggers!

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I hear this lie a lot. I read an article recently whereby Cosmopolitan interviewed a popular fashion blogger, Sarah Ashcroft. When Sarah was asked about her thoughts on the blogging community she is quoted to have said:

‘If I’m completely honest, I don’t think there’s any space for more bloggers in the industry everyone is one these days. It’s ridiculous.’

I appreciate her words may have been manipulated by Cosmopolitan, but even so, this is a common view held by a lot of people. It’s the reason why people often don’t start their blog or delay it even though they have the talent, the passion and there is a demand for their craft. Fear of overcapacity! Well to be frank, one source stated that in 2013 there were 152 million blogs. This number has definitely increased and it will continue to increase, blogs come and go every day. Does this mean there is no room for you? Of course not. Never let the fact that someone else has done something before you stop you from trying it for yourself, with your own spin. There is more than enough room for absolutely anyone to start a blog as long as you remain true to your unique self. The same goes for any creative venture – I wrote a blog post on this topic which a lot of you seemed to agree with earlier this year, check it out here.

3. Blogging is a trend – get off the bandwagon

This one is just way off the mark… *yawn*. Blogging has been around for years. What sort of trend lasts for over 10 years? Remember Zoella? Zoella is probably the most famous UK blogger with a massive following of almost 12 million subscribers. She started her blog way back in 2009 and she’s been creating YouTube videos for at least 7 years also. It is apparent that brands have clocked onto the huge influence and power that bloggers have in terms of generating sales and sharing their opinion on products/services to a loyal audience. Bloggers are called “influencers” because we are genuinely influential. Whether or not some bloggers have entered the community to join a bandwagon does not detract from the fact that blogging has been around for ages and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Blogging is the future!

If you liked this post and want to see more blogging-related content, do let me know. I love sharing tips and tricks that I’ve picked up so if that is something you guys would find interesting to see, leave a comment down below.

Bloggers – what are some other myths and misconceptions about blogging that you want to dispel – share them down below!

God bless you!

The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him — Psalm 37:23

32 thoughts on “3 Myths & Misconceptions About Blogging

  1. These were all my top theee misconceptions as well. It took my 6 years to finally decide to do it. lol I was shocked that blogging isn’t that easy. Yikes! But I enjoy every moment! Every one.
    Need to go find you on Instagram, girl

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lool! I think I underestimated the difficulty of blogging when I first started too. I knew it wasn’t going to be a breeze, but I didn’t know it would be *this* much work haha. Love it though. Thanks for reading lovely! xx


  2. Almost fainted at no more room for bloggers. I am like “no Sarah no, please stop”
    Anyway I do agree with you, tons and tons of work are needed while blogging. It’s like have two jobs. A job is no trend .
    Great great read

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Nelly! & Lol I cringed several times at the interview with Sarah Ashcroft. It’s probably heavily edited (well I hope so anyway because it would be a shame if a popular blogger was actually perpetuating those negative ideals).
      Thanks for reading x

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  3. I love this blog! I’m an artist blogger and people always ask me what’s so hard about it. Trying to explain it sounds like I’m complaining but that’s not the case. It’s just so much that goes into it that the finish product can just seem so simple and easy. I love your style of writing also!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks so much, I appreciate it! Can definitely relate lol, it’s tiring explaining how much effort your craft takes. Keep going with the art blog, it sounds really cool!


  4. This post is spot on! As long as ads exist blogging will exist. There is definitely more ham enough room but blogging is not easy! Well said! I enjoy blogging and hope to continue to grow in my nitche as well.

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  5. Love this post, another popular one is that *you want to be the next linda ikeji abi* like bruh.. I’m not a gossip blogger.

    I believe people should stop looking at numbers & trust their creative juice, everyone has something unique to offer


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Loooooool Funke that made me laugh so much – I’ve heard that too. In fact they’ll even ask why DON’T I try and become like her and I’m like *sideeye* – her blog is trash. Have you seen it? Visually, and content wise, it’s just… not for me at all.

      And I definitely agree – too much fixation on statistics can really drive you mad and lose your focus. There’s got to be a greater purpose for your blogging than just numbers.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂


  6. Hi Wunmi, another informative blog. If you want to see how much influence bloggers have just look at how many bloggers supported the Labour campaign and how much work they put into getting a message out there on social media. Your blog had something different to others, some I like because they are new and you can see people developing their craft. You have worked hard to combine content, photos and your brand.

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    1. Hello Gavin, thanks so much for reading! You’re so right – I was on YouTube and saw lots of bloggers supporting certain parties. And YouTube themselves put together a campaign with UK bloggers encouraging people to go out and exercise their right to vote (which is great!).

      Thanks for the encouragement! 😊


  7. I enjoyed reading this! This was very encouraging and so true. Saying that there is no room for more bloggers is like saying there is no more room for new artist/actors in the music industry! At the end of the day of your passionate about it and willing to put in the work, then do it!

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  8. lovely post and lovely smile! you are so right! until blogging sites state that there is no more room for blogger, there absolutely will be room for more bloggers! and besides, no two blogs are identical! always room for more 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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