How I Save Money On Clothes Shopping

It should be no surprise to anyone who knows me well that I don’t like spending a lot of money on clothes, because I don’t see why we should have to. And lots of you are always shocked to hear where I buy some of my best pieces, and how affordable they often are. It really doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to look good! Today I’m sharing some easy ways to cut corners and save some money long-term when it comes to clothes shopping.

1. Buy out of season

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Growing up I used to think it was so strange that my mum would buy our winter coats in the summer. And we’d have to keep them somewhere until it was weather-appropriate to bring them out again to wear. I just put it down as her being “Nigerian” about things 😂. But now I can see that shopping “out of season” makes perfect sense. When I shop for typical seasonal essentials during the actual season e.g. trying to buy a warm coat in winter or sunglasses in summer, the items are usually more expensive comparatively. I have started building my autumn/winter wardrobe from as early as spring. Off-season items might not be as easy to find as things that are in season/on trend (especially if you’re physically shopping inside a store), but they are usually there somewhere so keep your eyes peeled all year round.


HOUSE OF FRASER Tote Handbag (Similar) | QUIZ White Strap Pointed Toe Courts (Similar)

2. Find multiple ways to style one item

PRETTY LITTLE THING Gingham Blouse (Similar)

This one is really important and probably my most-used style hack. Realistically, most of us are not A-list celebrities that wear one outfit once and then we’re ready to bin it. So my motto is: repeat items not outfits! You’ll save so much money if you learn how to style the same item of clothing in multiple ways. Take denim jeans for example, you can style them in sooo many ways… you could wear jeans with a plain white tee, a shirt, make it casual with trainers or “dress it up” with heels. The possibilities are endless. Think about how you can stretch the ways you wear one item before you lose interest and buy another. 

3. Buy basics from the high street 

Again, my mother taught me this. Buy your basics from the high street. By “basics” I mean the simple stuff like plain non brand t-shirts, vests, camisoles or other casual items that you use to layer with. Why? Because nobody is really going to know or even care that your vest/camisole under your jumper costs £3 or £300.

4. Invest in some high quality, reusable pieces

ASOS Jeans (Similar)

Although I am an advocate for saving money on the basics, I am also a strong believer in investing in some high quality pieces. The problem with being “too cheap” is that often the quality suffers and this can be counterproductive because you’ll end up buying new things to replace the cheap stuff once they’ve become old and raggedy. My advice is to decide what you’re willing to spend more money on to ensure that it is long-lasting and durable. For some people it is tailored suits, for others it may be evening dresses but for me, I am prepared to spend more money on shoes (and sometimes bags). I’ve still got several pairs of shoes and bags that I’ve had for years and they’ve lasted the test of time because I sourced quality. 

5. Thrift!

Last but certainly not least, embrace thrift shops/charity shops. You can literally buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes for £30 from discounted shops like the East End Thrift Store for example. What I also love about thrift shops is that you can find so many cool unique pieces that you’d never see elsewhere. In the spirit of thrifting… you could also try selling your old clothes that you don’t wear anymore on eBay, Depop or Facebook Marketplace.

So those are a few ways that I use to easily save some money on clothes shopping. What are your shopping hacks? If you have any other tips for us, please share them in the comments down below 😊

Happy shopping!

Shop the look? –> PRETTY LITTLE THING Gingham Blouse (Similar)| ASOS Jeans (Similar) | QUIZ White Strap Pointed Toe Courts (Similar) | HOUSE OF FRASER Tote Handbag (Similar)


God bless you!


“Rich and poor have this in common: The Lord is the Maker of them all.” – Proverbs‬ ‭22:2‬ ‭

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12 thoughts on “How I Save Money On Clothes Shopping

  1. After many years of hating and being disgusted by the thought of thrifting, I am a thrifter! I love thrifting now. It all started with my desire to live more simple and sustainable lifestyle but it saves me so much money now!
    I love this post.

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  2. Good evening Wunmi, I enjoyed reading this blog, some really useful tips. Definitely agree about sourcing basics and choosing pieces to spend money on. My spends are on merino or cashmere jumpers, they are light, warm and great for layering and add class to an outfit. I recently bought a very cheap pair of ankle boots from Primark to see if the style suited me, now I know they do I am looking to buy a quality leather pair I can repair in the future. My signature DM boots can’t go with everything. One of my friends sources a lot of clothing from Portobello market, not always cheap and you need to be patient, she has some great coats and jackets for her unique style.

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