2 Influential Women In The Bible That Are Not Proverbs 31 – #IWD2018

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Happy International Women’s Day and a special shout out to all the wonderful women and young ladies that are reading today. I have partnered with Boohoo who kindly sent me this statement WOMAN t-shirt I am proudly wearing. It’s one simple word on a plain white tee, but it conveys a powerful message which I’ll share more of my perspective on later.

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Now onto today’s topic. As a Christian, in the past I’ve battled with myself about what it actually means to be a “godly woman”. Can we actually learn anything from biblical women and are their struggles even relevant to ours today? Contrary to popular belief that the Bible is a restrictive rulebook that oppresses women, I have since learned so much about the essence of Christian womanhood through studying particular female figures throughout the Bible. Women are strong; women are beautiful; women are intricately and intentionally designed; through women, men exist; women are just so wonderful.

We often take our ideal characteristics about what a godly woman should resemble from the well-known passage in Proverbs chapter 31, verses 10 to 31. Now don’t get me wrong, I too absolutely love this passage and I agree that there is so much wisdom to yield from it. So much so, that I would like to delve a bit deeper into breaking down those scriptures perhaps in a future blog post if that’s something you would like to learn more about? (Let me know in the comments down below).

But the Bible’s depiction of women doesn’t just start and end in Proverbs 31. There are inspirational women figures throughout the Word being courageous, fearless, wise and influential vessels of God. Hence, today I want to shed some light on two of my personal favourites:

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We learn of Priscilla in Acts 18. Priscilla is influential because her marriage was a ministry that taught people about Jesus; she was a hard worker; an evangelist; a good teacher and a good student. So who is she?

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What Nobody Is Telling You About Celibacy & Waiting Until Marriage To Have Sex!

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Welcome to March! Today I thought I’d finally drop a long awaited blog post on a controversial topic. Please continue reading with an open mind and I hope it blesses you in some way 💖

Following the video I made last year about celibacy* where I shared some advice on how to build intimacy in a premarital relationship without having sex, I want to now talk about the more unspoken parts of waiting until marriage to have sex.

Two extremely important mini disclaimers before we begin! Firstly, *I’m aware that usually, the words “celibacy” and “abstinence” are used interchangeably by most people. They do have slightly different proper meanings. Celibacy usually refers to a conscious decision to not have sex for religious reasons, whereas abstinence is not always attached to religion and is the conscious decision to not have sex for a period of time. For the purpose of this blog post, if I say “celibate”, I essentially just mean waiting until marriage to have sex to honour God with your body.

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Secondly, it goes without saying but for the avoidance of doubt, I am not here to bash or demonise sex. I say this because I have personally had to unlearn so many misconstrued ideologies and negative connotations about sex. I do believe that a lot of churches have generally failed to portray sex accurately in an attempt to discourage premarital sex. As a Christian, I view sex as a gift from God, designed purposefully to be enjoyed and explored within the boundaries of marriage. It is one of the greatest expressions of the oneness between husband and wife that is described all throughout the Bible in Genesis, Mark and Ephesians for example.

So I personally need no additional convincing that when you’re married, you can and should enjoy sex to it’s full capacity. Do not hold back or be ashamed. However I have grown tired and concerned with the fetishisation of virginity and being celibate. Even if it has become a trend, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I am a proponent for understanding why we do what we do and not just blindly copying the cool kids. I just want to give an honest perspective today.

Here are the things I wish more Christians would tell you about waiting until marriage to have sex…

— It can make or break your relationship

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